Typism Gold Coast Workshops: September 28–29

We have organised two days of hands-on workshops with Typism speakers past and present. All workshops run from 2 pm until 6 pm and will be held at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

All materials are supplied and the classes kept deliberately small so you get plenty of hands-on tuition from your workshop presenter.

Tickets are ($67 / $47) and you can take one workshop on Thursday and one on Friday.

Learn the techniques of traditional sign painting with this hands-on workshop on painting casual letterforms.

Casual lettering has been the most commonly used letter style for hand painted display signs, chalkboards, shop front windows and more for generations in the sign trade. It has been practised with unique distinction and bounce for each individual character behind the brush. Now it is commonly seen in many design materials in print and digital mediums to emphasise type.
Learn fun and energetic lettering designed to be efficient and effective using a chiselled edge brush and enamel paint. With close instruction, you’ll first draw the shape of each letter stroke to gain an understanding of shape and consistency within the alphabet.
Each letter is then hand-painted with a more fluent action while adding distinction to each letter. Though painted quickly, concentration is focused on brush control, technique, consistency and style working towards the final project of painting your very own sign panel to take home with you.

What you’ll need:
  • Nothing but a grin
What you’ll learn:
  • Controlling a Chiselled Edge Brush
  • Mahl Stick & Hand Over Hand Techniques
  • Alphabet Consistency
  • Consistency in Brush Pressure
  • Distinction and Bounce
  • Working with Enamel Paint
You’ll leave with:
  • A strong understanding of drawing and hand painting Casual Lettering
  • A quick demonstration and practice of Script Lettering
  • Understanding of new materials
  • Casual Lettering Worksheets formatted in step-by-step colour formation
  • Your own hand-painted Sign Panel
  • A ton of bad jokes to impress even your in-laws.

Brett Piva specialises in bespoke, hand crafted lettering, signage and murals. His skill set means the unique elegance of a handmade aesthetic is woven through all of his creations through his successful design and branding studio Pocket Design. Over recent years he has travelled throughout Australia and the world to conduct research and collaborate with everyone from traditional sign painters in country towns, to world renowned artists, and continues to lead workshops that pass his hard-won skills on to new devotees. Learn from a letterer built on tradition but bends the rules to create unique and engaging lettering.


Brett Piva: Quick and Slick Casuals

Thursday 28 September: 2pm – 6pm

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