The Typism Skills Summit features ten typographers and hand-letterers. Peer over their shoulders as they teach you their techniques and share their secrets in a series of intimate video masterclasses.

Today we meet Gold Coast logo designer, Matt Vergotis. His Typism Skills Summit Class will teach you how to create a signature-style logo using a variety of brush pens.

The second in our blog series featuring Typism Skills Summit presenters features Matt Vergotis. The Gold Coast brush letterer held court on his back deck during a tropical Queensland rainstorm and we attempted to film in between downpours. I’m pleased to say that once we finished editing his videos, the sound quality was perfect.

Matt started life as a branding designer and evolved into a typeface designer and has also added custom lettering and fonts as a list of services for his branding clients.

He’s released a couple of commercial fonts and continues to wow the Internet with his brush pen lettering videos.

In Matt’s summit videos, he takes us through his pencil sketching process, building up “muscle memory” so that when he picks up a brush pen, his hand already knows which shapes to make.

He works through the process of making a signature style logo where he advocates writing your own name hundreds of times in pencil first before you pick up a brush pen.

Matt talks us through his favourite brush pens and recommends the Kuretake Fudegokochi from Japan as the best pen to start with because the stiffness of the brush provides resistance—which is a good thing if you are yet to develop a steady hand. If you notice, he is a lefty but has mastered the brush pen due to his “up and over” technique.

He finishes at the lesson with a ruling pen, which he dips in Indian Ink, to show a different style of lettering and then he demonstrates a hand-lettered style which is essentially sketching and colouring in.

I’m pleased to say Matt got bored of writing his own name and started writing mine, so I left there with hundreds of beautiful sketches of my name. What a privilege. Here is my favourite which I couldn’t help but vectorise for you here.

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