The third annual Typism Conference will be held on Australia’s Gold Coast on Saturday, September 30. There will be eight local and international speakers who are all amazing letterers, calligraphers, sign writers, typographers, designers and mural artists. We have announced all of them over the last nine weeks, but in case you missed a couple, here they all are again.

Eliza promises you’ll gain an insight into her long-time love affair with letters, the many struggles (and rewards) of self-employment, tips on how to find ‘your style’ and a touch of interpretive dance in her ‘variety hour’ performance.

Eliza Svikulis

The Eliza Svikulis Variety Hour (in 38 minutes)

Clint has a passion for preserving the traditional arts of typography and printing. His talk will uncover ways in which vintage letterpress techniques can be applied to modern design. He also wants to share the history of typography with the next generation to demonstrate how mastering your craft takes time and dedication.

Clint Harvey

Old School New School: Wood Type in the 21st Century

Maria is a freelance designer passionate about letterforms. Originally a textile designer, she now creates typefaces, illustrates lettering and teaches calligraphy. She also loves writing Aussie Shit expressions in as many beautiful ways as possible and is terrified of public speaking.

Maria Montes

Scared Shitless: Facing fear and getting out of your comfort zone

Brett’s talk will consist of why the formal studies he experienced during his technical education and degree may not always be the best approach. He will walk you through systematic approaches to drawing quick alphabets and effects and share the strict rules on the correct lettering effects taught long ago and how bending the rules may prove to have better results.

Brett Piva

So You Think You Can Type: Formal Studies to Experience-Based Realities

Libbi is obsessed with improving her hand lettering and calligraphy skills but also likes to play with new technologies. She is on a quest to improve her handwriting and practices every day. Her talk will advocate why you should do the same.

Libbi Reed

I Want to do it All: Tales of a serial experimenter

Dave’s talk will discuss concepts around three key points: ‘untamed’, expressive lettering, taming it with Béziers, then putting it to work in a reproducible, useful typeface system.

Dave Coleman

Catching Lightning in a Bottle: Lettering, Béziers and Systems

Initially clueless, Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog learned through many failures, scary clients, goal setting, and tough love from their business coach how to each make $100k a year. In their talk, you’ll learn the tricks to help you turn your passion into Dolla Dolla bills!

Roxy + Phoebe

Clueless to 100K: From part-time freelancers to full-on entrepreneurs

By discussing his process and work, Nick will guide you through the struggles of finding his voice while designing under Louise Fili—a master of historical design and meticulous craft—and how this journey led him to create the successful passion project that launched his freelance career.

Nick Misani

Make it New: Creating fresh work with historical influence

See all of these amazing artists speak at Typism in September

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