Typism Book 3 Available Now

Typism Book 3 Available Now

July 28, 2016 | TYPISM news | 1 Comment

Evgeniy Berdnikov

We are super excited to announce that the third Typism Book is AVAILABLE NOW. It has been many months in the making, but we finally have the delicious books in our hot little hands, and we can’t stop touching them!

Mateusz Witczak • www.mateuszwitczakdesigns.com

We received many thousands of submissions from around the world, with lettering artists from the Ukraine and the Netherlands making a fine showing this year, with over 20 pieces in the book, as well as India, the Phillippines, UAE, Australasia, the Americas, Europe and the UK. This truly is a global publication!

Anthony Thiebaux • www.maztrone.com2

The book contains 193 pages of some of the world’s best hand lettering, calligraphy, and typography, in beautiful, crisp black and white and is a limited print run. Books One and Two sold out, and we are sure Book Three will as well.

Jay Roeder • www.jayroeder.com

Head over to our Big Cartel store to buy the book for $38.50. Click here.

Neelam Nagrale • www.neelamnagarale.dunked.com

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