Typism Book 2 PreOrder OPEN NOW

Typism Book 2 PreOrder OPEN NOW

February 24, 2015 | TYPISM news | 1 Comment

The Typism Book Two is now available for pre-sale for a short time only!

PreOrder the book here for $32.50

The books will be ready for posting in April, but you are ordering it now at a reduced price to help us quantify the print run.

The book contains 193 pages of some of the world’s best typography, in beautiful, crisp black and white.

Black and White throughout
Softcover, perfect bound
Size: 224 x 147 mm

The pre-sale window will close before the book is sent to print and then available for sale after the book is produced in April. The price will go up.

Book One sold out, and we predict Book Two will as well so act fast. The preorder will close in a week. Buy your copy now!

book 2 mockup

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    February 24, 2015

    Needy for the publication haha

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