Typism Book 2: Behind the scenes part two

Typism Book 2: Behind the scenes part two

February 19, 2015 | TYPISM news | No Comments

The preorder for Typism Book 2 will open soon, but in the mean time, we want to take you behind the scenes and share some secrets from the creators. This is part two. You can see part one here.

Second in this series is Joseph Alessio, who created this piece from a real violin as part of his Typelimited project.

TypeLimited is an ongoing art project exploring relationships between objects, letterforms and occasionally music. This piece is a physical interpretation of a short composition by Claude Debussy—”La fille aux cheveux de lin”—written in 1909–1910, and a quote on music, dubiously attributed to Plato since the late 19th century.

In the video the piece of art progresses as the piece of music develops and flows until it is finished, after which the piece of art takes on life of its own.

The final piece will be printed in the second ever Typism Book and is stunning.





Joseph Alessio

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