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student partners

[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Jacinda[/headsubline]

Jacinda is a graphic designer with an obsession for printmaking, using typographic imagery and letterforms. She enjoys spending her days drawing new patterns for type pieces, and being able to turn them into finalised prints.
Typism. “There’s nothing better in the morning!”[/one-fourth]



[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Kelsi[/headsubline]

Kelsi  is an emerging graphic designer who can’t resist the sight of sexy typography. With a passion for all things type, illustration and design, she can be found sitting in her lounge room corner drawing on skate decks.
Typism. “Eat.Sleep.Typism.Repeat”[/one-fourth]



[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Natasha[/headsubline]

A freshly brewed Graphic Design graduate, Natasha spends most of her time with her love for upcycling old materials for her pet product business ‘Made Ruff’. She also enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.
Typism. “Typism: Breakfast of Champions.”[/one-fourth]

[one-fourth last]


[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Elly[/headsubline]

Elly is a full fledged creative with a million tabs open in her head at once. A passion for Elly is experimenting with new and old techniques such as (printmaking and laser etching) which she incorporates into her graphic design work.
Typism. “It consumes you.”[/one-fourth]


[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Bianca[/headsubline]

Bianca is a designer that loves getting her hands dirty. Come to think of it,  no one has ever seen her without some kind of ink, paint or pigment on some part of her body. She gets a kick out of mixing traditional and trending media and has an embarrassing obsession with 90’s fashion.
Typism. “get your hands dirty! “[/one-fourth]



[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Sam[/headsubline]

Sam is a strapping young lad from Tennessee, West Virginia. He grew up on a farm raising cattle but ran away from home when a bunch of sign painters came to town. Now he’s a lonely orphan boy with only his passion for calligraphy and illustration to keep him warm at night. He also loves fiction.
Typism. “Even COMIC SANS is invited. We’re just that nice.'[/one-fourth]



[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Alejandra[/headsubline]

This gorgeous Colombian has a love of great typography and a passion for charity work. Alejandra uses her design studio Maverik to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Her contagious smile and infectious Colombian accent, is enough for anyone to be inspired to make a difference in this world.
Typism. “I’m, like 98% sure there’ll be type”[/one-fourth]

[one-fourth last]


[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Andrea[/headsubline]

Andrea has a diploma in Interior Design, and is currently in her second year of a Graphic design degree and loving it. She lived and worked in Europe last year and now works as a graphic designer for a health company part time. In her spare time she love creating artworks, snowboarding and travelling.  Typism. “Surround yourself with it”[/one-fourth]



[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Libbi[/headsubline]

Libbi is crazy in love with hand drawn typography. Every creative venture shows signs of an obsession with type. Her handbag is quite often mistaken for a pencil case.
Typism. “There’ no ‘I’ in team, but there’s  an ‘I’ in Typism”[/one-fourth]



[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Courtney[/headsubline]

Courtney is a sucker for anything design and has spent the last three years living and breathing it. Her natural state is hiding behind a computer or armed with a pen creating havoc in a notebook.

Typism. “We should make a “TYPISM enthusiast” party”[/one-fourth]



[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Ariel[/headsubline]

Ariel is a passionate Graphic & Web Designer who is currently completing her degree at QCA. She loves to design and inspirer people ,always striving to better herself in her fields.

Typism. “You’re just my type! ”[/one-fourth]

[one-fourth last]


[headsubline subline=”Student Partner”]Belinda[/headsubline]

Belinda is now a fully fledged graphic designer straight from QCA with a keen eye for detail. She has a passion for anything printed and an obsession with amazing typography. With the ability to spot a typo at 20 paces, she’s someone you want around when designing that menu.

Typism. “I hope there’ll be calligraphy!”[/one-fourth]

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