Clint Harvey is addicted to wood type and letterpress. His Bacon Factory in Brisbane is a beautiful brick workshop filled with an impressive collection of vintage printing presses and an ever-expanding collection of moveable type.

We spoke with Clint about his passion for preserving the traditional arts of typography and printing.

Short, Bald and in love with wood type.

I met an old printer and typographer in a letterpress shop and have been working with them for the past 10 years. Graphic design has owned me for 30+ years

I have a reasonable collection of wood type and printing presses, I compose and print every day in the hope to get better at understanding balance and composition.

Master of None, don’t call me Jack.

Draw every day, don’t look and the Internet and compare yourself to others, be yourself. It’s about being original, it’s not about being the best.

If I am composing wood type I work in black and white only, compositions are often cut and pasted together from proofs then I will compose my final formes. I never print final outcomes on the same day as composition. I need to sleep between tasks.

Collaboration and hanging out with people who love what they do, TV is evil and it will fuck with your perspective of the world. DONT WATCH TV or LIVE on the Internet.

I read for an hour every morning from 6.00 – 7.00 am, Walk my son to school then head to the gym. I usually make the studio by 11 am then I will work and print until I fall over. I haven’t mastered this yet.

My 1840 Columbian Hand Press and my FAG405 Control Press.

Collaborations with others are key, without others to bounce off I would burn out big time. From a commercial business perspective, I suck with money, I buy way to much wood type and have 25 presses. I wish I had a better sense for business.

What excites you most about speaking at Typism?

Sharing the history of typography with the next generation in the hope that young people will realise that to attempt to master your craft it takes time and dedication, a computer and the latest app won’t make you a better typographer.


See Clint speak at Typism in September

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